Monday, June 2, 2014

Mini album using the Ariana paper

Sometimes, it takes a bit of trial and error before you find the "right" layout/paper combination to express your idea.
That was the case with this mini.  I was making it for my niece's 30th, and it was to be a combination guest book/trip down memory lane kinda album.

1st attempt--it's okay, but not quite what I wanted.

2nd attempt--well this is getting better, but still not quite what I had in mind.

And then I remembered I had a pack of Ariana paper ....
So this is my 3rd attempt and I love it.  And best of All, my niece loved it too.

I love sticking a PLM card in a mini.
It always adds just that little bit of the unexpected.
I used Chantilly Picture my Life cards thorughout this mini.

 on the page above I added a couple of flip flaps 
so there would be room for more pictures.  
And then I used a decorative paper clip  
to keep the flip flaps from flip flopping all over the place 

back cover.

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse of her gift.

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