Saturday, February 11, 2012

Creative ideas--got none?

Just what to let you know what  I do when I hit that wall.
 I cruise other blogs and youtube videos and my followers.
  Some of my favorites blogs I follow (you can access these from my "blog list")
Following has some great benifits.
1.  you don't have to search for the blog
2.  you can set it so you are automatically notified when they update their blog.
3. it's fun--fun to see what they are creating

Do you follow any blogs??


  1. Yes I do.... and there are some really inspirational ones out there. Check out:

    Pam Thorn's multi-page workshops on her blog at

    Sherri Tozzi's blog at

    and Corina Mitchell's blog at

    Those are 3 of my CTMH favorites! :)

    1. Well Paula, you have great taste...I have also become a follower to those talented ladies. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


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