Wednesday, May 2, 2012

project life--CTMH style--#2

One thing to remember about "project life" is it's all about YOU
You don't HAVE to take a picture a day,
You decide how devoted you want to be
...maybe you will do 1 page (1/2 layout) every week
or just record
**one idea,
**one thought
**one picture a day/per pocket
...if you are going to do this "for life" how much "stuff" do you want to have to keep?
The whole concept behind this is to make it easy to keep up
You could even cheat more by buying 4x6 recipe cards
and use these to journal on.
Keep them handy,
"by your favorite chair"
and then at the end of the day
you can "journal" stash this back in your life box (our little recipe box--nicely decorated)
until you're ready to assemble your life book
Wait! Stop! You don't have a nicely decorated box?
Well then let me show you how I made mine
 front view
side view
and now the directions (drum roll please)

 then adhere the second patterned piece onto the cardstock
the patterned paper will extend past the end of the cardstock
and that's OK. 

Okay, here's where I am going to let you in on a little
hind sight.
I stamped my box after I had glued the strip on.
It would have been a whole lot easier to do it first.
this is the top of the box
I wrapped the "film" down around the sides of the box
(see first couple of pictures)
the final thing I did was to stamp
"instant memories" on the colonial white shape
and then mat it on cocoa and then on lagoon
Stamp set retired (picture perfect)
but C1440 --"take a picture"
 would work  just as nicely
Okay, now you have the box,
stay tuned for pt #3
and I will show you what to put in your box
so that you can then put it in your "life book"

link to part #1 click here will open in a new window

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