Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Overview of a couple of my past albums.

I had a question about which instructions went with what mini's
so here's a quick
overview of a couple of my last ones

I posted the complete instructions for this mini over 4 posts


2 --backbone of the album

3.--some of the pull out pages

4.--the rest of the pages

note: if you click on each of the above they will open in a new window, so you can see how the whole album comes together

Below are two of my favorite albums,
I have picked a couple of pages to show you how
the design elements for each album are the same
only the paper is different
2nd in the Pemberly mini (with the cutting directions)


I know that sometime multiple posts directions can get confusing
and in the future I will be including back-links to the previous posts
so you can easily access all the posts for one project.

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