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Why I can't go to Convention this Year

If you read my bio--you know I live in rural Alberta....I was born & raised a farm girl, moved to the city,and moved back to the farm and now
I've moved back to my home town of THREE HILLS, and this year our town is 100 Years young,

here's the little article I wrote for our local paper (which should explain why I am missing Dallas)

 100 Year of Yesterdayby Chairperson Terry Diack (here's another hint)

Well, it’s official. It is now--July. And the Centennial Celebration is just a couple of weeks away. Planning and organizing this celebration has been a bit like riding a roller coaster with a steaming hot cappuccino in your left hand. One of the things that I have learnt on this ride, is that our town is like a huge family, and not all of us like the same things. Some of us are a bit radical and unconventional and like to stir up the waters. While others prefer to stand on the bank and just enjoy the view. Our committee is aware that our town is made up of people with different backgrounds and different interests and thus we have tried our best to put together a weekend full of entertainment that will appeal to everyone.

So here we go.
Starting Friday, July 20th. Stop in at the registration booth, located on the main floor of the arena and pick up your souvenir booklet, schedule of events and map of the town. Armed with this (and a few other goodies we’ve tossed into the package) you are ready to plan your weekend. You might start off Friday nite, with FREE Teen Swim or if you’re not a teen you might want to take in Bruce Innes and the Original Caste singers. Then around 9pm you might decide to head over to the ball diamonds where local talent will perform for about an hour and then you might decide to stay for the FIREWORKS!! (Who doesn’t like fireworks)

Saturday morning you can enjoy the Street-side pancake breakfast (in front of IGA) while listening to local talent perform on the Stampede Stage. But don’t linger too long you will want to get a good spot for the Parade. Did I mention that the route has been extended from 1 ½ km to 2 ½ km. (don’t worry I will update you on the extended route.) After the parade head off to one of the various activities that will be happening around town. Do you like old tractors--head across the tracks to the watch the “antique tractor pull” or if you always wanted to be a fireman--head to the Battle of the Axes. Maybe you just want to reconnect with some old friends, then head to the Meet and Greet on the second floor of the Arena. Need a space where your little ones can burn off some steam--head to the Free Kids’ Carnival at the curling rink (sponsored by the Three Hills Chamber of Commerce.) If you’re not into any of those activities, but you like model trains--stop in at the Old Firehall and see what the town looked like in 1912. These are just a few of the options you have.

Saturday evening brings more entertainment. Ben Crane is a family orientated event and starts at 7pm. At 9, when the sun goes down, you can choose between two adult only venues--The Emeralds, or Trooper. Tickets for both of these events are still available at the Town Office. (Did I mention that the cost of bringing these two groups to town is covered by the ticket sales)

Sunday morning begins with a huge inter-denominational Centennial Church Service at 10:30 a.m. (Honestly, I don’t think my eyes will be open then) However, I am sure many of you will choose to attend this service. After Church there are a number of events still happening. You can visit the Arts and Crafts Display upstairs at the Arena or maybe take a tour of the town in an Model “A” car. More information can be found at or listen to Q91 Radio, Friday mornings at 8:10 for our “centennial minute”

Okay, I know I have harped about registration, and I know, it is a bit of work on your part. I mean, those of us on the committee are a little technically challenged so you can’t actually register online. You have to print the form off and then fill it out (the old-fashioned way with a pen or pencil) and then--just like in the old days you have to either buy a stamp and mail it in, or walk over to the Three Hills General Store or the Town office and drop if off. Yah, it is a bit of work on your part, but if it’s any consolation we will be tracking all this info--manually.

So please, make work for us and register.

I would also like to remind that you must register to buy tickets for the Saturday Nite Roast Beef Buffet Supper and that you must purchase your supper tickets by July 10th. Your meal tickets will be included in your registration package and will be available for pick-up at the registration booth on July 20th & 21st.

Okay, one last reminder--history books--contact J Kanderka @ 403 443-7388 or D Enzie @ 403 443 5625 to order yours.

My random thought for this week is a quote from Dr. Suess....“I’m glad we had the times together just to laugh and sing a song, seems like we just got started and then before you know it, the times we had together were gone.”
Dr. Seuss

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