Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Honestly, I sometimes wonder why I live in Alberta.  Okay, I know this is where my family lives, and this is where I work, and where my daughter goes to school...But the weather is crazy.
June was rain, rain, rain and then BAM!! ---July, scorching hot, and no rain.
And I am not a heat-seaking person,
It is too hot to even think about scrapin'.
So, I will just blog a bit, surf the net (pretend I'm sitting by the ocean) and hope it rains.

And in between June & July (well actually, on the 1st)  HUGE Storm

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  1. that's a very scary looking sky. I'd run for cover if I saw that near me. beautiful but frightening.

  2. I hear you!! I'm camping out in my basement right now. LOL. What a fantastic picture of that sky. It was one wicked storm though.


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