Friday, January 6, 2012

Rock the Block Promotion workshop pt 3

I know...I'm skipping ahead to part 3 of this project...
don't fret,
I'm just waiting on a few supplies to come in

so this is how to decorate the lovely little box your blocks can live in when you are not displaying them

From January 5, 2012

cut 3 strips 7/8" x 12" (you will only need about 1/2 of the last strip)

From January 5, 2012

cut a square 6 1/4"
test it to make sure it fits inside the bottom of the box

From January 5, 2012

then start adhering the 7/8" wide strips to the outside of the box

From January 5, 2012

Overlap the strips where they join
I used mod podge overtop the joins
continue till all four side are covered.

From January 5, 2012

I then wrapped the box in ribbon to give it a finished look

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