Thursday, March 12, 2015

2015 garage/studio makeover

Spring fever, affects people in different ways.
For me, it's cleaning, I have this all encompassing need to clean every little nook and cranny, unfortunately, this usually transforms into a complete re-arranging/organizing/painting marathon.
Hence, when I decided to Spring Clean my garage/studio, my 2 day clean is now on week two.
Which also means I'm not scrapbooking.
So here's a look at what I started with

So those are the before pictures.  
My studio is 22' x 34' and has 10' ceiling, a sleeping loft and a washroom, plus a wee bit of actual garage/storage stuff.
So this is quite a huge project.
As I am continuing to find out

Now here a peak at my progress (?)

My Goal is to have this finished this weekend, so I can get back to crafting.

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