Monday, February 2, 2015

Tuesday's tips--matting a cricut cut banner

I love my cricut.  Love the fact that if I cut a 2" square I can make a perfect  1/2" mat by cutting another square at 2 1/2".  Unfortunately this does not always work with odd sized images.  Take the banner below
I cut my mat in a ruby 1/4" bigger than the original.  And it just doesn't work.  Now if you use cricut craft room you can probably make it work.  I, however have not mastered the craft room, so I have to do it my way.

Cut the  original banner apart.
Leave a bit of a space between each one and adhere to mat.
You will end up with a banner like the one above.
(not so pretty with those spaces)
Take one of the Ruby hearts (from the inside of the mat banner)
and adhere it so it covers the "cut" space.

A nicely matted banner, 
A perfect piece of eye candy, ready to use.
Hope you found this tip helpful.

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  1. Excellent tip, and your banner came out so cute! I doubt you'd have any trouble with CCR--give it a try.


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