Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesdays Tips--the beginnings of a mini album

Over time I have created a biz-zillion mini albums (well maybe not quite, but it feels like it)
And over time I have created a few short cuts.
Here is my #1 short cut

I have created a stash of images that with a little trimming here and there
 and the addition of a few holes punched

becomes the template for 
 for any number of mini albums.

When creating an album template I start with one image
 from the artiste cartridge that has the holes punched in it
As I cut an image I write the details on it
the page, the cricut cartridge and the size (noting if it is real dial size or not)
Once I have a blank template
it is easy to improvise and be creative.

The template above became both of these albums

Now its your turn.  Get creative, think outside the box.  Who said a mini album has to be square?

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