Thursday, May 23, 2013

dailycraft tv review

I recently viewed

Creative Scrapbooking Tips, Techniques, & Solutions 

a online class available through Daily Craft TV 
These courses are very affordable at $4.99
This class touched on a number of topics, from using mica on your scrapbook pages to 5 different ways to use rub-ons.  I would recommend taking one of these course if you want to gain some insight into a variety of tips and techniques used in the scrapbook industry.  I would not recommend taking this course if you want to master a specific technique.  The format of the class is fairly fast paced, and covers a lot of information in a very short time.  Which is good if you are just searching for idea, but not so good if you actually want to learn a technique.

So, would I take another online class from Daily Craft TV?  
No, mainly because I felt I could have been teaching those classes.  I also felt that there was nothing earth-shattering new in the class.

Should you take a class from Daily Craft TV? 
Maybe.  It depends on what type of a person you are.  Do you buy lots of scrapbook magazines, do you enjoy flipping through the pages and seeing different projects?  If you do, then you should take a class.  This format may just appeal to you.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this resource Terry. I'm going to check out some of their classes.


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