Friday, April 6, 2012

envelope album--pt 3--pull out pages

So now, you have a mini album with pockets,
but noooo inserts, just empty pockets
This is what I did
 I made 3 pull-out pages (above), and two mini booklets (below)
I used the same color of Cardstock for all the bases.
After I scored the mini book,
I rounded the top corners, so it would "look" like the pull-out pages

then I embellished the pages
 cutting dimensions are below

 cutting dimensions are below
 These two pages (the one above and the one below)
were very quick and easy to make
I just cut a 5 x 6 piece of patterned paper in 1/2
and put one on each side (as shown)
added a 4 x 5 mat and stamped a bit on the bottom
Easy as pie.
I did some second and third generation stamping
 to get the varied shades of green.
OH, you're not sure what second or third generation stamping is??
It's a simple technique where you stamp the image once (first genertion)
twice (second generation--becomes a bit lighter)
 and thrice (third generation--ink is very faint now, time to re-ink your stamp)
 Below are the last two pages
(cutting dimensions are in the image above)

I know, you are wondering if I will ever finish this little mini.
Well, just a couple more posts.
In the next one, I will tackle the 2 mini booklets.