Tuesday, April 3, 2012

envelope album--pt 2 --the backbone of the album

This is a quasi list of supplies for this project.
I am trying to use up some of my stash,
hence, the retired Close to my Heart paper used extensively.
But the backbone of the album requires these supplies
X1410 or X254 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 envelopes --you need 5
3--1 1/4 inch binder rings
2--6 1/2 x 6 1/2 inch squares from a cereal box (for the covers)
and the usual--adhesive, bling, ink, stamps etc.

this is a view of the paper pieces I used to make the envelopes. 
Before I start a project like this I scan the Art Philosophy Cartridge (Z1686) for images I might use
and cut a whole wack of them, so I have them on hand when I start to embellish the project.
 Just a little tip..I cut the envelopes off at 4" so I could have a nice clean edge
and it's an easy number to work with
I used 5 envelopes, but you could use more or less
I also pre-assembled all my accent strips
as shown
then adhere the 4" high piece to the backs of the envelopes

Now, you are ready to add the accent strips
I adhered the accent strip 1/2" from the top on both pages

 I then punched holes in all the evelopes

Time to make the Covers....
Since I stumbled upon the idea of using old cereal boxes as FREE
chipboard pieces,  I have been making a lot more mini.
I cut the cereal box into a 6 1/2" square
(this would let me make my pages 6" high)

I used a 9 x 9 piece of patterned paper to cover the "covers"

If you leave a bit of paper at the corner,
you don't see any of your chip board when you fold it over
 adhere to inside of covers as shown
Tip... I find if I round the corners,
they don't catch on things as easy and stay glued

 punch 3 holes in the covers --3/4 inch in from the side
 and at 1 1/4"  & 3 1/4 & 5 1/4  up from the bottom
I placed my envelope on the cover and punched the first two holes (as shown)
and then punched the top hole.
By doing it this way, I could see how my album would fit together

Now you have your basic album.
Next time I will show you the pull-out pages I made.

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  1. great little album! I too have become enthralled with the mini albums! And I am currently working on an envelope album. thanks for sharing. when I post mine I'll add a link to yours!


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