Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Smash Book, what is it and how to make your own

Smash Book, hmmm, 
wonder what the heck that is and what's it good for?

Well, this is what I have found out.
It's a smashing good idea
It's a place for all those tid-bits that have no place
It's fun
It's quick 
.    (to use--takes a bit of time if you want to make your own,
     and yes, I will show you how, just give me a couple of days to photo all the instructions)
It's an awesome (or as my daughter would say--"epic") way to use up your stash
It's portable
It's affordable
It's a Smashin' good idea--thanks K & Company for the inspiration

Although I loved the idea,
I thought I could make it better,
make it more "me" (or you)
More useable
More practical
More Fun
Hope I have wet your appetite
Wonder what I have come up with,
A "SMASHIN'' good way to
-- scrapbook on the go
-- use up all your (extra, just saw it and it was so cute I had to buy it) supplies
So, go--
gather all those things you couldn't live without (but haven't used)
--you know,
the stickers, the glitter,
the puches,
the paper
the ribbons,
the tags,
the buttons,
the bows,
OK...I'm getting ridiculous.
Just go gather some stuff and I will show you how to use them up in the next few days.

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