Saturday, September 17, 2011


It's Saturday morning and I have the weekend off. Yeah!!! I am having my morning coffee and cruising the internet, looking for inspiration. Actually, I'm avoiding starting to finish my kitchen.
The sink, that's about all I have left to install. Why am I so hesitant? I've done this before (well 15 years ago) Is it the fact that I am getting older and not as confident in my abilities?
I remember when I thought I could tackle any project (except electrial--that just scares the beejeesses out of me). I would try anything, built bookshelves, move the fridge, paint the house, drive a semi (once). Or am I just lazy this morning?
Or am I dreading giving up my extra counterspace (that I use to scrapbook on) hmmm.
I think it's a bit of everything.
So, I will be finishing my coffee, and then clearing my counters (of all my CTMH supplies) and cutting the hole.

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