Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Renovations--love that floor.

So on Monday, I asked my brother when he thought I could start painting.
Oh, Wednesday, for sure.
Well today is Sunday and I'm still not painting.  And Chuck is having a love/hate relationship with this old house.  Nothing level or square.  Lath and plaster walls.  Wires that go no where and are not even hooked to anything.  Copper tubing, also just hanging out in my ceiling.  And plumbing...let's not go there.
On the upside.  Here are a few progress pictures.

Hoarder Alley...Honestly, they left me a tight little path to my bed and my chair.

 Newly drywalled wall.

          And the beginnings of a new floor.

And the views of Saturday afternoon.  Well done, or almost well done.  Still have a tiny bit more to do before paint and then cabinet installation.



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