Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday's Tips--Print it before it's gone.

This is the sad truth. 
Today's generation is so caught up in taking pictures, that they don't really think about preserving them. This is, of course, a blanket statement, because there are some people who do take a million pictures and then print the best ones, saving these memories for generations. Who are these people....many of them are scrapbookers.  However, regardless of who they are,  they all realize that the digital world is fast paced and ever changing and ever advancing.  And because of these very characteristics it is also not reliable.

This is my view and it is based on fact.
Here are a few facts/questions.
  • Many pictures are "saved" on facebook, instagram, etc....what happens if you let that account go?
  • You save your pictures on a memory card, What do you do when they quit making readers for that card?  Do you remember the 256mb SD cards? 
  • You saved all your pictures on your hard drive and your computer crashes?
  • Do you have pictures of your great grandparents?  What are they printed on?

Now, don't get me wrong.  I love the digital world.  Because of it I can share these pictures from the past with all of you.  Pictures of my childhood.  And the actual "pictures" live in a scrapbook, complete with journaling, so future generations will know who these people where.

So, one last reminder.
Print it, before it's gone.
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