Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tuesday's Tip--On your Mark-"er"

Close to my Heart now carries Shinhan Markers
(well actually they've had them for a few months)
And I would love to own all of them, but at $6.50 each, that's not going to happen overnight.
So I need to plan which ones to get first.
Well obviously, the ones that will match the colors in the project I'm working on.
But then here's the glitch, the colors are not an exact match, nor are the names the same....
(Here is where I pull my hair out)
Thankfully, I have some awesome fellow Close to my Heart Consultants that have already done some of the leg work for me
First, Peachy Lamb gave us these color swatches.  You can see more on her Blog

Second, Ellen Jarvis created this awesome chart.
I would give you her link, but everytime I try it I get spammed.

So armed with this info
I  will begin by collection, 2 or 3 markers a month.

Now, I should mention that having the markers & CTMH inks not matching exactly is not a big deal,
because when you use these alcohol makers you are able to shade and blend them.

Here's one example from DAT'S My Style
Visit her site  and you can join a CTMH Blog Hop and see some other inspiring images all using ShinHan Markers.

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