Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday's Tip--productive "pinning"

I love Pinterest.
As a means to promote my own artwork and to gather ideas.
Recently, I stumbled upon a bit of a road block.
About a year or so ago I had  "pinned"  one of my mini albums from a post from this blog.
Great idea, you think.  Now when I want to re-create this mini, I can just click on the pin and Volia! I'm at the post.
Wrong.....this is the stumbling block.  The pin just took me to my blog, not the post.

So How do we fix this.
Before pinning, click on the post that has the image you want to pin.
And then pin.
Now, your pin will take to back to the post and not just the blog.
see image below

And now I will get back to the job of re-pinning my pins....
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