Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday's Tips...More Craft Room Organization

As a paper crafter, I have a lot of paper.
99% of it is from Close to My Heart.  Close to my Heart has 40 core colors of cardstock & ink.  Plus all their B&T (background & texture--or printed paper) co-ordinates.  This does make my life a little bit easier, knowing that I can find that perfect color, but it can still be a bit overwhelming.  Especially since I like to have some of each color on hand.

My solution, and this week's tip.
Rolling files....
  I have 3, one for plain cardstock, one for current paper packs, and one for retired papers.

I use legal sized file folders.  This leaves the top inch or so of paper is visible, hence easy to find.  And the ones I found had a couple of drawers on the bottom.  Which I usually just store extra stuff in.  But when I go to a retreat. I take half my paper out (file folder & all), lay them gently in a box.  Then I fill those drawers with stamps, and adhesive and embellishments, and then I put the whole rolling thing in the back of my SUV.
And when I get to the retreat, I have everything at my finger tips.

I hope you are enjoying these weekly tips, till next week.

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