Sunday, March 16, 2014

Every Page a Pocket/interactive Mini Album Basic Instructions

I have made 4 of these albums in the last couple of weeks.
They are super easy, and yet a tad confusing,
so hopefully these instructions will make it easy for you to recreate your own.
Note: you can order all of the paper by clicking here.

Step 1.  Create the base pages, all in the same color of cardstock
               cover                 7x7 (2 pieces glued together)
              Pg 1 A & B        7x3 (2 pieces with an envelope sandwiched in between)
              Pg 2 A & B        7x3 (2 pieces with an envelope sandwiched in between)
              Pg 3 A & B        7x3 (2 pieces with an envelope sandwiched in between)
              Pg 4 A & B        7x3 (2 pieces with an envelope sandwiched in between)
              back cover         7x7 (2 pieces glued together)

So your cutting guide would look this

Step 2.  Layout all your pages with the basic B&T paper added
            See below for examples

Step 3.  Glue you pages together as shown below

Step 4.  Add the Flip Up Mini  Album to page 3A

However you could also use small flip flaps like I did in the album below
Step. 4   Create the mini fold out album
               Basically this is a 4 1/2"  x 12"  piece of cardstock in a contrasting color to your base page of your mini album.  The pic below is from the Skylark mini.

Step 5.   Add tags, and tags and tags,
              where ever you have a pocket add a tag, or two tags
              vary the size and type of tag.  Add some stamping and distressing to your tags,
              be creative.  Below are two examples

Step 6.  Embellish, this is the fun part.  Go through your album page, by page
             adding a little bit here and there.  I love Close to my Heart's my Complements for this
             Below is a tag from the Skylark mini that I have embellished, 
Step 7.  Optional---create a mini page between each page. 
              I did this in the Skylark mini by simply using cards from the
              NEW Picture My Life program  or PML for short
              Below is an example of how everything can come together

These are the basic intructions I used for the Timbeline mini , the Skylark mini   (both of these are completed and on previous posts) and the for Balloon Ride & Lollydoodle mini that I am working on.

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