Friday, February 21, 2014

Timberline Mini Album

Created this little mini for my "great" nephew.  This is a tradition I started with him a few years back.  Make him a mini for his Birthday and send it by snail mail.  So he gets a parcel.  I try very hard to time it so the parcel arrives  either on his birthday or a day or so before.
This year he is turning 11and is in 4H wood working.
Here are the first couple of pages.
You may have noticed there is no "R" in construction.  That will be his first job to fix.

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  1. Well done, my friend, well done. Very well done, indeed! Love blue with the wood B&T paper!

  2. This is awesome! Did you "constuct" that fixer-upper on purpose, lol?

    1. I have to be honest. No. I screwed up, was so focused on trying to fit all the letters on that I missed the "r". However, I have phoned him and told him, he's the carpenter, he need to figure out how to fix it. (lol)


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