Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Studio J--just a few clicks and you have a totally different layout.

Let me show you how easy it is to use Studio J

I'm starting with the "Little Miss" Express Collection
The nice thing about the express collections is they are ready for you to just drop your pictures in. add some journalling and ta da! you're done.  But sometimes you like the layout, but it just doesn't work with your pictures.  
Watch what I do.
left click on the base paper and a color tab will appear.
pick the color you want the background to be.
(I picked cocoa)
 Then I experimented a bit with the color tool
changing this and that until I was satisfied.

Then I added my pictures.  (changed some of the small sqaures to blue to accent Tiff's outfit)
And then added a photo box over top of the journaling area.
I also added some more flowers.  
HOW(?) you say, when the express collections don't come with "stickease" 
Easy..click on a flower, hit copy and then paste.  
Granted your limited to what is already on the layout, But you can adjust the size and placement.
You can also add a journaling box where ever you want.
I placed mine over top one of the small squares 
and once I had the jounaling where I wanted it I chose "none" for the background color.
This makes it seem like you wrote directly on the square.
And Now!
My final layout.  

Hope these tips have been useful to you. 
And will inspire you to try Studio J.

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