Saturday, May 5, 2012

project life pt#4

After I made my "life box"

and cut all the pocket inserts
I thought...I wish I had some dividers
     or file folders to keep things organized inside my little box
so, this is how I made some

 One for blank journaling inserts
and use one to put your pictures & completed journaling inserts in
until you are ready to transfer them to your "life book"
 As you can see,
I need to develop some pictures
and work on my journaling
I keep my "life box" by my chair
and in the evening, when I am relaxing,
I can grab a journaling card
and jot down some of the memories from the day.
Then I can stick my journal card back in the box
 until I have time to put it in my "life book"
hmmmm.....this might actually work

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