Friday, May 25, 2012

Heading to Toronto

Well here's a little personal tidbit.  I am heading to the big city of Toronto.  Flying out bright and early on Sunday morning with 25 teenagers.  My daughter is part of a band exchange program sponsored through SEVEC.  In April we hosted a group of students from Thornhill Secondary School for a week--took the city kids to the farm.  And now it's our turn.
Us poor country folks' is board'n one of them big metal birds and heading to the big city lights.
Not sure which group of kids will experience the greater cultural shock.

I am going to pack a wee bit of craft'in stuff and hopefully I will be able to post the odd item.
Then again, I might be too busy staring up at the CN tower.

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  1. Welcome to the Toronto area!!!! When I was in highschool I also did an exchange with SEVEC - to Quebec - loved it - enjoy the big city ;)


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