Tuesday, February 28, 2012

5 for 5

Last Chance
Close to my Heat is offering 5 for 5
Order 1 Studio J 5-pack at $55 (includes 5 2page digital scrapbook layouts, shipping, handling and page protectors)
and get a second 5 pack FREE
That works out to less than $3 a page.
and the best thing is you can order as many 5 packs as you like
because they NEVER expires
This deal ends
tommorrow--February 29th
you can order two ways--email me (include your visa or mastercard #, postal code, expiry date and 3 digit code off the back)
directly off my website

this is one of the best promotions ever.
Studio J is quick, easy and now even more affordable
One other thing
if you order a dozen 5-packs, you can use them whenever you like.
use one for spring break,
one for camping,
one for a wedding...etc you don't have to use them all at the same time---because they never expire

Wondering what the quality is like.....fantastic!!
take a look

Scared to try--I will walk you through your first layout on your computer at your house at a time convienent for both of us (local customers only--I will coach long distance customers by phone)

I'm ordering
are you?? 

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