Friday, November 11, 2011

Stamp organization

A veiwer asked  "Are thoses all your stamps and how do you organize them?"
Well, yes, those are all my stamps,
I have a few more that I haven't used yet
and these I will sell if someone wants them before I get around to using them.
As to organizing...I bought CD towers from Ikea (about $40) and flipped two of them on their sides,
I then divided the stamps by occassion and style e.g. boy, girl, winter, romantic, funky, birthday, etc..
I find this works for me.
And because the stamps are loosely organized into catagories,
I don't have to spend a lot of time making sure I get them back in the right spot.
  I just need to be close.
I have also organized the catagories.  e.g.  spring, then summer, then fall, then winter, then Chirstmas.
Hope this helpful if you are trying to organize your stamps.

p.s I also have a couple of  my arcrylix organizers that I use for when I travel, or If  I want to keep a bunch of stamps handy on my big table.
From October 31, 2011

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