Sunday, September 4, 2011

kitchen reno

So I tend to tackle more than I can chew. Point in kitchen reno.
I started it May Long weekend. Figured I could have it up and running before summer. Yeah, and pigs can fly. I totally forgot all the days I had to work and all the school year end event.
"But that's okay." I said to myself. "I can still get it done before Nathan's wedding in August."
Well guess how that turned out? Not so good. I forgot that I would be going to CTMH's convention (there went one week) and that I had a family reunion two weeks later (pretty much got rid of July) and then I said I would make chocolates for wedding favours (150 boxes, decorated with two stamped and matted hearts and filled with four chocolates each). Yep you guessed it. There went August.
However, I have managed to install most of the new cupboards in amongst all this craziness, but I am still sinkless.
Oh, I have the sink (sitting in a box by my front door), but I am loath to cut into my new countertop and loose all that fabulous scrapbooking area.
But Tiff is back in school and I would like her to start doing, maybe by the end of September, my kitchen reno will be complete.

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  1. I would like to mention that I took out most of the cupboards, except these last few, which my brother Chuck and his friend dismantled. They then loaded them on his flatdeck, hauled them out to his house, ripped out his kitchen, installed my less than 48hours.
    (Maybe I don't want to mention this, makes me sound kinda slow)


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