Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wind Towers

These wind towers are being assembled on my land.  They are very awe inspiring.  There has been a lot of contraversary surrounding them. 
They are harmful to wildlife. 
They cause headaches. 
They are ugly.
And the list goes on.
However, I believe that compared to drilling oil well and then spilling the oil in our oceans,
or burning coal and spewing toxic chemical into the air,
they are a better, cleaner alternative to energy.
And yes, I do agree that they do clutter up our horizon,
but as with all progress, there is a trade off.
Do we go back to the horse and buggy day, where the air and water were cleaner,
but our life was harder?
Or do we live in "today" with all our technology,
and strive to find the least harmful means of generating the necessary power.

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