Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday Tips--dry embossing

Dry embossing--what is it?
Simply put it is when you create a raised pattern on paper.  There are a couple of ways to do this.
1. you can use a stylus and stencil and trace the image
2. you can use an embossing machine & folder.
Since Close to my Heart carries embossing folders this is my preferred way of embossing.
Plus I think it is the easiest.  Simply put your paper in between the the front and back covers of the embossing folder and run it through your machine.  Below is a video that explains more about our folders.

   Now here is where I will contradict Jill, sort of.

I recently designed my nephew's wedding invitations.  
You can see the assembly line we had going below.  
And for the "cover" we embossed the whole top sheet.
However, I wanted the RSVP's to be a little more elegant than just the plain cardstock
So Amy, ran just the edge through ...

 And this is the result 
So, don't have to emboss the whole piece.
Note: we printed the RSVP cards before embossing
Although, I have embossed most of the page and it did "pucker" a bit.
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