Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Six--Step it up, a mini ablum tutorial

A couple of weeks ago, I was a chaperon on a Band Exchange Trip.  Twenty odd kids from Thornhill Secondary School came to our town for a week, and then we went there.
When we were out about the town I had Six girls in my "pack"
 And (I hate to admit it) I am not very good with names.
So, I suggested they "sound off" the youngest was 1, the eldest 6.
At first the girls were a little hesistant about this weird request of mine,
and then they got to really enjoy it.
Where ever we were, I knew that my girls were all there
I would say "6" and they would call out their number

As a little thank you to them for being so great
and not giving me any more gray hairs
I made each of the girls a little mini
The bones of each album were the same
but the covers were all a bit different

Below is a brief picture tutorial of the project

 I used the dotty pack for all the albums
the basic layout for each page was the same
1" x 5 3/4" strip of dotted paper,
matted onto a  1 1/4 x 5 3/4 strip of desert sand cardstock
placed 1" from the bottom of each envelope

 I also "stepped"  the tags up 1/4" for each page
The one above is what I started with

page 1

pages 2 & 3

page 3 & 4
This is a little tip for creating multiple colored images
ink your stamp in the lightest color of ink first


and then sponge some darker ink onto the stamp

I used the above technique to make the "live out Loud"stamp a little more lively

Pages 5 & 6

and finally,
another of the covers for (you guessed it) # 6

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  1. Love this-- I bet your girls love them also


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